Communications in Cuba are, still, very far from the reach of most of the people. Knales offers services to allow common cuban to access a grand variety of information, leisure or even enhance their business through SMS.

We currently provide useful and varied information to our customers for only 1 cup each 160 characters SMS-MT. We already have 38 knales (services) among them Scoreboards (NBA, MLB, NHL, Any soccer league), Weather Forecastings, Notifiers (Nauta, Gmail, Facebook), Currency Exchanges, News, Classifieds, Musical Events and so many others.

We have, so far, one strategic alliance with Popular: Suite of Classifieds by SMS, which you can find in the Paquete Semanal

Check out the Knales’ services for more info on how to get the most out of Knales. File all bugs/feature requests at Knales’ GitHub repo. If you have questions, you can contacts us